Sunday, January 16, 2011

New 2011 Wet n' Wild Color Icon Trios

2011 Color Icon Trios (minus Spoiled Brat)

 Silent Treatment
$2.99 US Dollars
This is my second fave of the six, I love the beautiful brown in the middle, its VERY pigmented and has a hint of gold sparkle without the awful fallout. I like this trio also becuase I think it would compliment pretty much any skin tone, and the trio colors actually work well together. The eyelid color which is a expensive taupe is beautiful, the brow bone color is an interesting mild peach-tone more on the matte side.
 I'm Feeling Retro
$2.99 US DollarsThis name is perfect because these certainly are colors from the 1980's, the camera is making the purple deeper and more purple than it appears in person. It is actually more of a fuchsia/purple. I really probably won't use this one a lot just because the nature of the colors. Also you would think as vibrant as they are, they would pop on skin but I think these colors need to be built up which is kinda disappointing.

I Got Good Jeans
$2.99 US Dollars  I think I am really gonna love this, I don't normally play with colors but when I do, blue tends to be my favorite. I also looove gold, and these two really compliment each other, the navy blue has minimal sparkle and is very pigmented and an awesome crease color! I also love the gold lid color its a muted gold color. The brow bone color is a silver blue shimmer and is a little deep to be a brow bone color for this look.
 I'm Feeling Sunburned
$2.99 US DollarsThis is my favorite! The gold eyelid color is a similar finish like MAC's Amber Lights, it would be beautiful against darker skin tones. The brown is an AWESOME deeply pigmented color that is gonna be awesome in looks outside this trio. These colors also work well together, the brow color is a lovely pink color woven with the perfect level of shimmer. I really like this palette.

 I Dream of Greenie
$2.99 US DollarsI have to admit I don't like greens usually at all and if I do the need to be intense like MAC's Humid, so this trio I bought to really just review. With that being said, they were a little on the blah side. Its not becuase of the lack of pigmentation its becuase the actual colors themselves. My fave of the three is actually the brow bone color, it would make a decent highlight color on a green look with something deeper. I think the crease color in this trio should have been a richer, deeper green.would have been better.

Mega Lash Mascara-Very Black
$4.99 US DollarsThis is a new formula of mascara the Wet n' Wild claims to give you fuller
and longer lashes. I really can't say much about this mascara as I have not given it enough time to review. I did apply two coats and it did give my lashes separation and fullness. I am a big fan of Maybelline Falsies Mascara so its gonna take a lot to wow me, this was decent, but I don't really want to give an interpretation of its overall performance until at least two weeks.  

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  1. Thanks for completing our transaction per your promise. The Chinese deep wave looks really pretty and soft. Smells alittle like cigarette smoke, though. Anyway, I will it silicon mix or acv rinse to remedy that. I did lose a few strands when it was combed, but She looks like a keeper.