Sunday, April 18, 2010

March Wigs: How Long Did they Hold-Up

Welcome this is my first in a month series discussing the durability and overall wear I experienced with units I review on youtube. I reviewed three wigs/half wigs for the month of March 2010. Sensationnel's Shanna, Freetress Selena and Sensationnel half wig Lily. Below is my feebback. *KEEP IN MIND I USUALLY WEAR UNITS FROM SATURDAY TO SUNDAY AND REMOVE NIGHTLY.

Sensationnel's Shanna
1.Shedding-Very little
2.Tangling-Very little
3.cap construction_Sturdy and strong
5.Style Longevity-Excellent
I really liked this wig, much like Senationnel's products it did not let me down. The hair stayed pretty much in tact and I experienced very little shedding and tangling. Sensationnel's wigs often get better with time (more African-American) like an so I anticapate the next time I wear it it will be just as nice. My wig was in a color#2, check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1H6i4XyyTvw for the initial tutorial and review. This was classic hair one of my all time faves and thats saying alot. One of the few lace fronts I did not have to even pull out hair for.

Freetress Selena
1.Shedding-Very little
3.cap construction-Decent
4.Frizzing-Very little (slightly in the crown)
5.Style Longevity-Great
Selena is a super cute bob! Freetress makes a lot of really cute styles and this is another, overall the wig held up very well, it was a little silky for me but I still liked the cut, I will rock her again after a perm becuase I kinda needed one to pull my hair out so I cant knock her. She was really bouncy too and I think she would compliment ALOT of shape faces. This would be my go to wig for a shoulder lenght bob.

Sensationnel's Half Wig Lily
2.Tangling-Very little
3.cap construction-Excellent
5.Style Longevity-Excellent
I looooove this half wig, like I said Senastionnel seldom lets you down. Excellent construction very durable, I can honestly say I have worn her more than once and even washed her and she bounces back. This is a great wig and the hair texture is to die for as far as I am concerned plus this style is so me.A little wig shine on the ends and she is good to go!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

After the videos: How long do these wigs last?

What happends after the videos and these wigs go through a week of styling, wear and tear. How do they hold up? Well starting this month I am going to review the wigs I wear each month and give you info on ther durability and would I purchase them again. Keep in mind that I wear most of my wigs for a week straight and move on to the next, so I can't offer to much info beyond that! I think getting updates and infromation can help you make an informed decision. I will talk about the following components:
3.cap construction,
5.Style Longevity

Hopefully this can save you time and money as you make decisons that are best for you and your pocketbook!