Sunday, January 16, 2011

New 2011 Wet n' Wild Color Icon Trios

2011 Color Icon Trios (minus Spoiled Brat)

 Silent Treatment
$2.99 US Dollars
This is my second fave of the six, I love the beautiful brown in the middle, its VERY pigmented and has a hint of gold sparkle without the awful fallout. I like this trio also becuase I think it would compliment pretty much any skin tone, and the trio colors actually work well together. The eyelid color which is a expensive taupe is beautiful, the brow bone color is an interesting mild peach-tone more on the matte side.
 I'm Feeling Retro
$2.99 US DollarsThis name is perfect because these certainly are colors from the 1980's, the camera is making the purple deeper and more purple than it appears in person. It is actually more of a fuchsia/purple. I really probably won't use this one a lot just because the nature of the colors. Also you would think as vibrant as they are, they would pop on skin but I think these colors need to be built up which is kinda disappointing.

I Got Good Jeans
$2.99 US Dollars  I think I am really gonna love this, I don't normally play with colors but when I do, blue tends to be my favorite. I also looove gold, and these two really compliment each other, the navy blue has minimal sparkle and is very pigmented and an awesome crease color! I also love the gold lid color its a muted gold color. The brow bone color is a silver blue shimmer and is a little deep to be a brow bone color for this look.
 I'm Feeling Sunburned
$2.99 US DollarsThis is my favorite! The gold eyelid color is a similar finish like MAC's Amber Lights, it would be beautiful against darker skin tones. The brown is an AWESOME deeply pigmented color that is gonna be awesome in looks outside this trio. These colors also work well together, the brow color is a lovely pink color woven with the perfect level of shimmer. I really like this palette.

 I Dream of Greenie
$2.99 US DollarsI have to admit I don't like greens usually at all and if I do the need to be intense like MAC's Humid, so this trio I bought to really just review. With that being said, they were a little on the blah side. Its not becuase of the lack of pigmentation its becuase the actual colors themselves. My fave of the three is actually the brow bone color, it would make a decent highlight color on a green look with something deeper. I think the crease color in this trio should have been a richer, deeper green.would have been better.

Mega Lash Mascara-Very Black
$4.99 US DollarsThis is a new formula of mascara the Wet n' Wild claims to give you fuller
and longer lashes. I really can't say much about this mascara as I have not given it enough time to review. I did apply two coats and it did give my lashes separation and fullness. I am a big fan of Maybelline Falsies Mascara so its gonna take a lot to wow me, this was decent, but I don't really want to give an interpretation of its overall performance until at least two weeks.  

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall Shoe Trends: Heels all less than $20

This fall there are some new trends that mainly center around classic looks. Metallics, animal print, jewel tones open toe boots and heels incorporating intricate details. There is zero reason to ever have to come out of pocket to embrace any seasons trends and this years Fall 2010 is no exception. I looove to find a bargain and I have this thing about paying more than $25 for any one piece (I do occasionally break this rule but not alot) thats not a purse, a suit or something high end designer. This rule has really allowed me to accumulate a lot of clothes and a lot of options when getting dressed in the morning!! Who doesn't want to open a closet full of shoes! You would be surprised what a $20 dollar bill can do :) 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall Nail Polishes-China Glaze's "Vintage Vixens" and Ulta

Here are some of my favorite nail polishes for Fall 2010, I am a big fan of dark colors so I love fall nail colors. I love deep greens, browns, plums, grays and blacks, I also love shimmery and frosty metallic's for the holiday season. China Glaze has a new line called "Vintage Vixens" which is awesome. Included in this review are Ingrid, Emerald Fitzgerald, Goin My Way, Bogie and Swing Baby. I am also a fan of Ulta's nail polishes, for $2 they are pretty dark good, but I stick to the dark colors in their polishes.

Ingrid- is a take on the current fad of the nail color "greige: basically a gray/ beige, but unlike this normal popular color, China Glaze throws in an unexpected twist by adding some gold undertones to it, that shimmer in just the right spots. This is a trendy color and the gold undertone jazzes up the trend into the fall season. Nail polish goodness.

 Emerald Fitzgerald-Is a deep emerald color with a teal undertone. I like this one but wanted it to sparkle more like a freaking emerald! Its a pretty color but I wanted more shimmer and it seemed like I would get it in the bottle. I am wondering how a coat of Swing Baby under this color would work.

Goin My Way-Perfect fall brown, its warm with copper and gold undertones and gives of a nice color payoff after two coats as well. The brown gives off an expensive brown feel and its classic, I can see this one year round though because it has enough shine to it to wear in the summer for sure. Its like cognac on your nails!

Bogie-One of my favs! This is a frosty plum/brown/purple color which actually went on darker than I expected. This is a great color for fall and probably compliments most skin tones. The color is deep enough to pop but if you are not a fan of deep dark plums or purples this gives you the intensity without the drama.

Swing Baby-This is a nice beige/gold frosty color. It really needs three coats to get the color payoff like in the pictures. I think that a coat of this under a matte red or plum would help transition summer colors to a more fall feel. I like this color a lot, I just wish the base was more opaque.

Ulta's Little Black Dress- No swatch for this one yet but it is my fav after Bogie!! I love black polishes and the problem is finding them to be opaque enough to not look streaky and not so matte that I end up looking like I should be piercing myself  lol! This one is perfect because it gives the deep payoff of the opaque black but a slight shimmer that it less punk and more sophisticated. For $2 this is a no brainer!

Ulta's Envy- Perfect name, "Envy" makes you think of green and this is a deep money green with a slight shimmer, another good candidate for a undercoat of "Swing Baby", my daughter picked this one out and it is like Emerald Fitzgerald but without the teal/darker undertones, another good one for $2!!

Bottom Line- I am in love with Little Black Dress and Bogie. Ingrid is not to far behind and I think Swing Baby will definitely will increase in my book as we approach the holidays. Going my Way is another good one but I have some like it. Emerald Fitzgerald is a pretty color but I wanted more sparkle out of it, and Envy is worth the $2 for a decent dark green. For less that $20 I got them all so I feel money well worth it!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

March Wigs: How Long Did they Hold-Up

Welcome this is my first in a month series discussing the durability and overall wear I experienced with units I review on youtube. I reviewed three wigs/half wigs for the month of March 2010. Sensationnel's Shanna, Freetress Selena and Sensationnel half wig Lily. Below is my feebback. *KEEP IN MIND I USUALLY WEAR UNITS FROM SATURDAY TO SUNDAY AND REMOVE NIGHTLY.

Sensationnel's Shanna
1.Shedding-Very little
2.Tangling-Very little
3.cap construction_Sturdy and strong
5.Style Longevity-Excellent
I really liked this wig, much like Senationnel's products it did not let me down. The hair stayed pretty much in tact and I experienced very little shedding and tangling. Sensationnel's wigs often get better with time (more African-American) like an so I anticapate the next time I wear it it will be just as nice. My wig was in a color#2, check out for the initial tutorial and review. This was classic hair one of my all time faves and thats saying alot. One of the few lace fronts I did not have to even pull out hair for.

Freetress Selena
1.Shedding-Very little
3.cap construction-Decent
4.Frizzing-Very little (slightly in the crown)
5.Style Longevity-Great
Selena is a super cute bob! Freetress makes a lot of really cute styles and this is another, overall the wig held up very well, it was a little silky for me but I still liked the cut, I will rock her again after a perm becuase I kinda needed one to pull my hair out so I cant knock her. She was really bouncy too and I think she would compliment ALOT of shape faces. This would be my go to wig for a shoulder lenght bob.

Sensationnel's Half Wig Lily
2.Tangling-Very little
3.cap construction-Excellent
5.Style Longevity-Excellent
I looooove this half wig, like I said Senastionnel seldom lets you down. Excellent construction very durable, I can honestly say I have worn her more than once and even washed her and she bounces back. This is a great wig and the hair texture is to die for as far as I am concerned plus this style is so me.A little wig shine on the ends and she is good to go!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

After the videos: How long do these wigs last?

What happends after the videos and these wigs go through a week of styling, wear and tear. How do they hold up? Well starting this month I am going to review the wigs I wear each month and give you info on ther durability and would I purchase them again. Keep in mind that I wear most of my wigs for a week straight and move on to the next, so I can't offer to much info beyond that! I think getting updates and infromation can help you make an informed decision. I will talk about the following components:
3.cap construction,
5.Style Longevity

Hopefully this can save you time and money as you make decisons that are best for you and your pocketbook!