Saturday, April 17, 2010

After the videos: How long do these wigs last?

What happends after the videos and these wigs go through a week of styling, wear and tear. How do they hold up? Well starting this month I am going to review the wigs I wear each month and give you info on ther durability and would I purchase them again. Keep in mind that I wear most of my wigs for a week straight and move on to the next, so I can't offer to much info beyond that! I think getting updates and infromation can help you make an informed decision. I will talk about the following components:
3.cap construction,
5.Style Longevity

Hopefully this can save you time and money as you make decisons that are best for you and your pocketbook!


  1. Thank you so much for this? We always see the beginning of a wig, but no one does the follow-up. I'm finding that some of my wigs start tangling fairly quickly. This is a great idea. Hopefully you will start a trend in the YouTube community. Keep it up Diva!

  2. I am still waiting to hear from you about the Chinese Deep Wave lacefront I purchased from you via BHM through paypal. I have everywhere trying to find out if you are still planning to send my unit. After I paid you on st patrick's day, I never got a tracking number or any kind of correspondence from you. I know that as a fellow educator in the school system you will either send me my unit or send me back my 154.00 via paypal. Thanks Webbgurl2000

  3. What happened to your youtube channel? I was considering purchasing Shanna and I remember watching your video about her a while back but wanted to revisit your video again and discovered that something is wrong with your channel or someone is using it now or something. What's happened and do you have another channel? I would love to continue watching your videos.