Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall Nail Polishes-China Glaze's "Vintage Vixens" and Ulta

Here are some of my favorite nail polishes for Fall 2010, I am a big fan of dark colors so I love fall nail colors. I love deep greens, browns, plums, grays and blacks, I also love shimmery and frosty metallic's for the holiday season. China Glaze has a new line called "Vintage Vixens" which is awesome. Included in this review are Ingrid, Emerald Fitzgerald, Goin My Way, Bogie and Swing Baby. I am also a fan of Ulta's nail polishes, for $2 they are pretty dark good, but I stick to the dark colors in their polishes.

Ingrid- is a take on the current fad of the nail color "greige: basically a gray/ beige, but unlike this normal popular color, China Glaze throws in an unexpected twist by adding some gold undertones to it, that shimmer in just the right spots. This is a trendy color and the gold undertone jazzes up the trend into the fall season. Nail polish goodness.

 Emerald Fitzgerald-Is a deep emerald color with a teal undertone. I like this one but wanted it to sparkle more like a freaking emerald! Its a pretty color but I wanted more shimmer and it seemed like I would get it in the bottle. I am wondering how a coat of Swing Baby under this color would work.

Goin My Way-Perfect fall brown, its warm with copper and gold undertones and gives of a nice color payoff after two coats as well. The brown gives off an expensive brown feel and its classic, I can see this one year round though because it has enough shine to it to wear in the summer for sure. Its like cognac on your nails!

Bogie-One of my favs! This is a frosty plum/brown/purple color which actually went on darker than I expected. This is a great color for fall and probably compliments most skin tones. The color is deep enough to pop but if you are not a fan of deep dark plums or purples this gives you the intensity without the drama.

Swing Baby-This is a nice beige/gold frosty color. It really needs three coats to get the color payoff like in the pictures. I think that a coat of this under a matte red or plum would help transition summer colors to a more fall feel. I like this color a lot, I just wish the base was more opaque.

Ulta's Little Black Dress- No swatch for this one yet but it is my fav after Bogie!! I love black polishes and the problem is finding them to be opaque enough to not look streaky and not so matte that I end up looking like I should be piercing myself  lol! This one is perfect because it gives the deep payoff of the opaque black but a slight shimmer that it less punk and more sophisticated. For $2 this is a no brainer!

Ulta's Envy- Perfect name, "Envy" makes you think of green and this is a deep money green with a slight shimmer, another good candidate for a undercoat of "Swing Baby", my daughter picked this one out and it is like Emerald Fitzgerald but without the teal/darker undertones, another good one for $2!!

Bottom Line- I am in love with Little Black Dress and Bogie. Ingrid is not to far behind and I think Swing Baby will definitely will increase in my book as we approach the holidays. Going my Way is another good one but I have some like it. Emerald Fitzgerald is a pretty color but I wanted more sparkle out of it, and Envy is worth the $2 for a decent dark green. For less that $20 I got them all so I feel money well worth it!!


  1. Nice blog post the colors are pretty, i hope you will keep doing reviews like this..lol finally so on here on blogger is doing cute things for short nails.

    Love always,
    the queen of her throne

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